Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Charles Hu Gesture Drawing

Charles Hu's Gesture Drawing class is starting this Saturday Sept. 18th. This class is still open for enrollment. Don't miss this great class!

In this Gesture class, we will be focusing on gesture, rhythm, action, and the harmony within the pose to give drawing a more “rhythmical” instead of a stiff look. The class also will stress on using line weight to show tension, weight, and balance using model as reference to exaggerate the action within your drawing to have a more expressive and energetic look. Poses in this class range from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

Please email us at 3kicksfineartstudio@gmail.com or reach us at 626. 466. 5043.

Still Life class by Tim Tien

Our Still Life class by Tim Tien has been postponed to Sept. 20th. Don't miss this chance to sign up for this class. It is an excellent class for any level of artists. It is a great class to learn about composition, colors and proportion. It is a class which will help students to understand light and color, relationship of form and space and the elements of composition. For more information on the class, please visit us at http://3kickstudio.com/class.aspx

Tim Tien's bio - Tim decided to be an artist late in life and studied the art of oil painting intensively for over 5 years with many renowned artists that can be traced back to the lineage of the old master and the Russian impressionist. Although Tim's training is strongly grounded in the representational and figurative style, he said he takes inspiration more from artists such as Van Gogh; Cezzane; Matisse, Picasso and Michaelangelo - the sculptor, as well as being influenced by the spirit of Chinese brush painting.
Tim has participated at numerous national exhibitions and plein air events across the US, and he had been hornored with 1st place awards and Best of show from them. Tim has been invited or juried into exhibitions such as the International Fine Art Fair; the Biannual Show of the California Art Club; the annual Gold Medal Exhibition; the Annual Salon International Exhibition; the Carmel Art Festival: the San Luis Obispo plein air event and many others. Tim was invited to serve as Juror for the 16th biannual Blinn House show of the CAC. He is also an Artist member of California Art Club.